This is how you opt for quick revision sessions!


Revising before exams is very important. And if the part to be revised are all maths formulas that were taught in class 10, the revision process becomes more important. As CBSE schools follow the NCERT as the Holy Bible, thus revising whatever is present in the NCERT will be enough. However, the process will be very cumbersome and involve too much page-turning and in-page searching. Someone who wants a quick revision will neither be satisfied nor effectively complete his revision. Hence something like all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF is required for the effective revision.


That’s the question. Where are you going to search for all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF? Google? Bing? Yahoo? Sure, there are a lot of browsers and websites that will return search results. But will they be really useful? What if they do not give you a significant part of the compilation and lock it up behind a paywall? Or if the formulae are incorporated but the PDf has been badly made with most letters and characters wiped out or not clear enough? What if the whole content is not organized and it is just a random culmination of them? Thus, it is evident that you cannot trust these sites. However, there are apps made by renowned educationists who actually provide all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF.

How to avail of it?

To get all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF, literally at your fingertips – all you will need is a phone and download the app. After it’s done, just sign up on it quickly and find the section which has those listed. That’s it, you will get all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF on your phone. Since it is a PDF, you can also transfer it to your desktop, laptop, or any other device that can read it. You can send it via mail too! All formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF will include algebra, coordinate geometry, geometry, mensuration, trigonometry, and so on in a very organized manner. One can easily consult the PDF to enrich their memory anytime!


Although someone who is eager for a copy of all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF, knows why he or she is getting one, we can still talk about the help it provides to students:

  • Takes the need for a manual compilation of formulae away. The student can focus more on practicing problems from the exercises.
  • It serves as a ready reference. The student can quickly glance through it and find the formula or method or a corollary of a theorem which is critical for solving the sum.
  • Since it is an electronic print, i.e there are no physical components to the PDF unless it is printed out, the student or his/her parents can carry it anywhere and access it whenever they wish to.

So do not wait, download the app and let your child have the edge over others with all formulas of maths class 10 NCERT PDF.


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