The role of mobile in the technology revolution is fascinating. It itself is a foundation upon which an impressive range of industries have developed and flourished. Mobile technologies can be categorized as a critical driver for the world economy, generating nearly 3.3 trillion dollars. The mobile industries have accelerated worldwide, boosting global revenue and creating new jobs too.

According to the statistics, at least 2.3 billion people, which is one-third of the world’s population, have a personal smartphone. In the heart of the mobile revolution is the app. On an average, each person uses 40 apps per month, spending almost 3-5 hours per day on apps and just 26 minutes on mobile browsers.

This shows, the scope of the mobile market is huge and vast, Let’s take a look at the figure, iOS users have nearly 1.84 million apps to choose from and google android app store optimization holds about 2.57 million apps.

It is so keeping in mind this colossal competition. What does it take as an app developer to stand out of the race?


App marketing is a method that focuses on marketing an application that can be used on mobile devices. They usually generate revenue for an app by attracting a large number of people to use their app.

They basically cover the people by the app requirements. The coverage of high target groups is also wastage. Therefore, app marketing focuses on specific target groups.

A multichannel strategy helps in combines the advantages of marketing the app as well as only targeting specific groups. Promoting social media, blogs, and reviews by real users before the release, press releases are a possible method to market an app.


SO, to help you with your app marketing, there are App Marketing Companies out there. What do they do?

The marketing company basically devises a plan for your app’s marketing technique. It consists of the app’s marketing potential analysis, the right app marketing channels to use, possible adjustments for your app’s marketing copy, and creatives to produce.

These companies mainly focus on key performance indicators (I.e., the unique features that make your app stand out) for a marketing campaign.

New and innovative apps always stand out than apps, which are merely a copy idea of other apps.

An essential technique in-app marketing, which stands out from the rest, is growth hacking. It is apparently a cheaper and low budget method for promoting the app in a non-standard app marketing technique.

Benefits for hiring an app marketing companies: 

  1. They will have full control or retain the power of app’s ASO and completely help your app develop in many underlying functions, take reviews, ratings, reports, analysis, which can be difficult to manage while being an app developer.
  1. Ongoing activities, newtechniques and strategies from experienced team members really help when compared to DIY marketing tools.
  1. Helps you focus more on efficiency of app rather on promotion.

4.Full mobile marketing team with experience who can make your app shine        in front of clients


Hiring a App Marketing Company are like hiring a nanny for your child, you should completely trust this person. There are many marketing companies in the market who have this trust base and you can completely work with.

So, choose the best app marketing company !

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