It is advised for companies to hire a best app agency from the beginning of
the development of the app, so it helps to develop a marketing strategy
together from the start.

Companies that produce successful apps remain mainly focused on the
vision and goal of the app, clearly improving the benefits it delivers.
Best App agencies guide the vision of the app as it develops. It accesses
the right customer selling points and benefits. This ultimately helps the app
developers develop efficient and more useful apps.

In most cases, they handle the gaps that in-house teams can’t control—the
help fill the knowledge gaps, which ultimately helps in the success of the

• A specialist marketing agency helps you promote your app
through various social media platforms like Facebook ads,
twitter apps, Instagram ads, app store optimization, etc.

• It is a general agency that starts as a digital one and later adds
mobile experience with a marketing agency within it.

• A mobile advertising agency focuses on mobile media buying,
which negotiates with customers targeted time and advertises
to convey a marketing message.

• Few app store agencies focus mainly on app store optimization
and can drive potential customers towards your app page in the
app store, google store, or both.

Depending on your requirement, it suggested selecting a best app agency
for the success of your app.

Here is a list of that covers the strategies and techniques of best app
agencies of 2020

Mobile Campaigns: campaigns of the app are used to boost the installs
or conversions within a short period of time. The benefits of these are:
• Place under “new releases”.
• Sharp growth
• Increased number of organic and inorganic downloads.

Media Management and Optimization: it includes promoting app content
in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Mobile Strategy: it includes developing goals of the app from the start of
development like determine the budget, targeting potential audience,
understanding what kind of users we need etc.

App Store Optimization: it includes using various marketing techniques
to increase visibility and organic downloads and conversion.

A/B Testing: This method is a test which compares two apps to find out
which performs the best. This is done with the competitor app.
Product Consulting: this ensures and enables positioning, messaging and
improving the sales and marketing teams of the app to work at its best.

Creative Production/services: this is an exciting method in marketing.
This ensures to promote the app using innovative services like art, music
Video Production: a strong marketing campaign involves promoting your
app using a video. It may include a trailer for your gaming app or an intro
for the app so on.
Social Influencer Program: influencers can indirectly affect the purchases
of people either because of their reviews or promotion or relationships etc.
So, the app gets popularity among potential users using the social media
Review & User Sentiment Management: organic downloads are mostly
proportional to excellent reviews. Taking surveys from the users and
sentiment analysis of the user regarding his emotion towards the app can
help in the betterment of it.

Surely app store optimization services is a must for every app in the
marketer. So, planning accordingly and selecting a best app agency will
help you in the long haul

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